Is Green Coffee Bean Extract a Scam?

The new breakthrough in the weight loss world is green coffee bean extract. Unfortunately, due to the many scams of the past and current online “free trial” scams for natural weight loss products, there are sure to be a lot of people hesitant to believe it works. Online searches for green coffee bean extract has been spiking off on and since March when it really began to receive media attention.  If you’re interested in learning about green coffee beans and how they help you lose weight, keep reading.

What are green coffee beans?

The term green coffee bean simply refers to coffee beans still in their natural state. They have not gone through the roasting process yet and they often have a greenish color to them. This is important because once they go through any kind of roasting process they lose the properties that make them so potent for easy and natural weight loss.

How do green coffee beans help you lose weight?

Green coffee beans have something called chlorogenic acid. This acid is the secret to helping you burn fat and lose weight, but when coffee beans are roasted it dissolves the chlorogenic acid. The extreme heat required for roasting is what kills this magical ingredient.

The chlorogenic acid is the key. If you want to lose weight you know you have to get rid of body fat and that’s exactly what green coffee beans help you do. When you start taking pure green coffee bean extract it starts off by burning fat stores in your body. Wonderful right? But it gets even better… As you continue to take it, it will also start blocking sugar from entering in your bloodstream. By reducing the amount of sugar introduced into your bloodstream, your body isn’t able to take that sugar and turn it into new fat storages.

So in essence, you’re burning away current fat stores and prevent the buildup of new ones.

Burning fat made easy

To lose weight you have to get rid of body fat one way or another. This normally means plenty of exercise and making some changes in your lifestyle. But studies show that it is not necessary to do any of that in order to get results with green coffee beans. In fact, Dr. Oz calls it a “Magical weight loss pill for every body type” (see more about what Dr. Oz says about green coffee here). People have been losing substantial amounts of weight without making any changes to their lifestyle.

Lose 16% body fat without even trying?

That’s exactly what happened with participants in a recent study on green coffee bean extract by the University of Scranton under Joe Vinson. The findings were revealed at the 243rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Participants made no changes to their diet or amount of exercise they get and their calorie intake was closely monitored. Neither the participants or those conducting the study knew whether each was receiving a placebo or one of the several dosage amounts of green coffee bean extract that was used interchangeably throughout the study (double blind study). The results were amazing and excited even the most skeptic health experts…

–          16% loss of body fat

–          Average of 10% weight loss

–          Average of 17lbs lost

–          Participants ate an average of 2400 calories per day and only burned 400 through physical activity (which we all know SHOULD equal massive weight gain)

Green coffee bean extract scams

As you can see, green coffee bean extra does work. That doesn’t mean you can’t get scammed with it, though. The key is to ensure that you’re getting a true, high quality extract and not something that is filled with needless ingredients that could actually turn out to be harmful. The intense interest in green coffee extract after it was featured on the Dr. Oz show has led to a number of individuals and companies that are out to make a quick buck.

Free Trial Scams

Particularly steer clear of those that offer you a free trial. What often happens is you’ll end up being charged anyways regardless of what you do. You can’t get a hold of them to cancel or if you do, there’s some other stipulation. You will end up in a monthly subscription, jumping through hoop after hoop to try to get out of it.

How do they do this? Simple. You see an offer for a free trial. You fill out the form with all of your information to receive your free trial. But what they don’t tell you is that when you give them all your info, they’ll automatically sign you up to a subscription. Sure, you may not pay right then and there and you will get a free “trial”. But you’ll also be hit with charges for the next shipment, often before your “trial” period is even up.

To top it all off, they’ll probably be giving you a sub-par product. That means you end up stuck in an expensive subscription for something that likely isn’t giving you any kind of results… or worse, your health is jeopardized because of their carelessness and filler ingredients.

Green Coffee extract IS effective at aiding weight loss, but it is most important to be sure to get your product from a trusted source of high quality products like