Green Coffee or African Mango?

Image of Super Green Coffee Bean Extract 3-Pack Discount OfferThere are thousands of people who rely on Dr. Oz to bring them unbiased information about new health discoveries and when he featured African Mango on his show, suppliers started finding it difficult to even keep it in stock. Whenever Dr. Oz plans to feature something new on his show, maybe he ought to let the suppliers know so they can be prepared for the flood of new customers! All kidding aside, it’s not surprising that people trust him. Unlike many others in the industry and other celebrities, he doesn’t blindly endorse anything. He does his own research and he’s never paid to feature a product or new discovery.

More recently, he talked with Dr. Lindsey Duncan about a new discovery that some are calling the weight loss miracle we’ve been searching for… that new discovery is how green coffee bean extract can help anyone, and we mean anyone, lose weight. A small study revealed that even when you eat many times the calories of what you burn off, you can still drop pounds effortlessly.

The Green Coffee Bean Diet Study

In this study a small group of participants took varying dosages of the coffee bean extract at different points during the study. At one point they also were given a placebo. There was sufficient time allowed between dosage and placebo changes to allow their bodies to clear out anything left of the previous ‘round’. This way, they maintained a controlled study without the need for more people.

The participants were already overweight and they continued their regular habits throughout the 22-week long study, meaning that they didn’t start eating healthier or exercising or anything. Their diets and exercise level should have led to weight gain, as they were eating more than three times as many calories as they were burning on a daily basis.

However, they didn’t. They lost weight. Quite a bit of weight! On average, participants lost around 17 pounds, but that’s not all. With careful observation, it was noted that the weight lost was pure good-old weight loss… not gimmicky weight loss like some diets, where you lose water weight only to gain it right back. They lost about 10 percent of their body weight and a shocking 16 percent of their body fat.

Why Green Coffee Beans Produce Weight Loss

You may think it has something to do with the caffeine, since many ‘energy pills’ you can find at the local store are nothing but a capsule full of caffeine. But this has nothing to do with caffeine or giving you bursts of energy… remember, these participants didn’t do any more exercise and they weren’t any more active than they normally were before the study.

Instead, researchers believe that it’s the chlorogenic acid found in natural green coffee beans. Green coffee beans are simply natural coffee beans that haven’t been roasted yet. If they go through the roasting process, they lose the chlorogenic acid, which explains why avid coffee enthusiasts don’t see these kinds of results.

Green Coffee Bean Extract or African Mango?

Green coffee bean supplements, if high quality and not filled with a bunch of filler ingredients, will help you lose weight without making any chants. You can continue with the same exercise routine you are used to (if you have one) and you can keep eating the same old diet that you’re used to. It works by burning away fat stores and stopping new ones from being formed in the first place. This is why participants in the study seen such a dramatic drop in their overall body fat in such a short time.

African Mango, on the other hand, works by helping to reduce your appetite by increasing the level of Leptin in your body. So personally, if looking to lose weight and burn fat, I’d first choose a pure green coffee extract. But it seems to only make sense that if you combined the two, you could stumble into some seriously crazy-easy weight loss.


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